DOing Life Together

Faith Groups is Faith Renewed’s version of small groups. It is designed with a simple vision in mind, Doing Life Together.  It can be difficult to build relationships that consistently encourage, motivate, and love.  With the development of social media and the era of fast-paced life, face to face relationships tend to take a back seat.  Faith Groups provide a setting to build meaningful relationships with people that have similar interests and desires.  

Hebrews 10:24-25 says, “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good works.  And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of His return is drawing near.”

If you're interested in leading a group, email us at

  • Video/Board Games

    Join us for some fun and fellowship around the table or in front of the TV.  Individuals and families of all ages will connect and get to know each other better. 


    Nathan Wylie: 239-703-5104

    Ashley Wylie: 239-703-5106 or

  • LadieS COffee (all Ages)

    Nothing brings people together like a good cup of coffee.  This is a great way to make news friends and get closer to the ones you have. 


    Faith Huff: 864-350-2505 or

    Addison Thornsbury: 864-871-0191 or

  • Freedom

    Freedom is for anyone who desires complete deliverance and freedom through Jesus Christ.  Encourage, Equip, Community, and Accountability are the four keys needed to help make this happen.  


    Freedom meets on Tuesdays at 7 PM. 


    Pamela Burton: 720-329-1457 or

  • Men's Fellowship (Ages 18 & up)

    Every man needs some time with other guys to grow, share, and just be real.  This is your opportunity to connect.  


    Andrew Mercado: 864-395-5921 or

  • Family/Couples (Age 30-39)

    This group is having a blast meeting at homes, different restaurants and other fun venues. Single or married with children, if you are in your thirties you are invited. 


    Jonathan Siau: 864-979-1868 or

    Mandy Siau: 864-915-9156

  • SPorts

    Get some exercise, have fun, and make some lasting relationships with a game of ultimate frisbee or basketball. 


    Chris Huff: 864-526-9120 or

  • Intercessory Prayer

    Spend time in prayer for our church, families, nation and more.  This is a great way to draw closer to God and others. 


    Intercessory Prayers meets on Fridays at 7:30 PM


    Cindy Coxie 864-276-4644 or

  • Ladies Exercise

    Get healthier, have fun and build relationships at the same time. 


    Monday / Wednesday / Friday (Contact for time & location.)


    Brooke Byers: 864-547-4071 or

    Cindy Coxie: 864-276-4644 or

  • Outreach

    Serving the community and beyond in various ways.  You can make a difference in someone else's life and have yours changed at the same time.   Serving is an incredible way to build relationships. 


    Steve Purvis 864-409-6716 or


    Themed dinners and fun/games afterward.  Have a meal, have fun, and make friends for the win!


    Greg Polly: 864-363-0033 or

    Dee Polly: 864-363-1030 or